BBQ – Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket at Stormy’s

Who would have thought that Stormy’s Tavern and Grille in Northfield would have ribs that rival some of the best I’ve had in Chicago. Under the guidance of “BBQ Master” Eric Jordan, Stormy’s is delivering amazing BBQ ribs, pulled pork and brisket every Sunday afternoon. I haven’t had the greatest luck finding solid BBQ, especially ribs, outside of the city of Chicago, but Eric and Stormy’s are definitely cooking up some quality food.

From what I’ve been told, Eric has been participating in the Northfield Rib Fest competition for a few years now, and actually took home the title a couple times. Ironically enough, I was a judge at that same ribfest last year, but I honestly don’t remember who won. However, I do remember that there was one plate of ribs that was the best by far, and was clearly the winner that year. Whether or not it was Mr. Jordan’s, I’m not sure, but even if it wasn’t, the ribs he’s cooking up at Stormy’s on Sundays rival anything I had at rib fest.


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Stormy's caters to sports, food lovers

by Lauren Finkler


January 12, 2012 | 01:31 AM

Whether your team is the Blackhawks, the Bears, the Packers, the Cubs, or the White Sox, food has a way of bringing people together.

For Charles Bidwell III, Wilmette resident and owner of Stormy's Tavern and Grille in Northfield, seeing those familiar faces, family friends and family members has been the most rewarding part of opening Stormy's, which has been roaring with the laughter and cheers of sports fans since October.

Charles, his son Chad Bidwell and Pete Murray are the men behind the complete remodeling of the tavern formerly known as Seul's. The remaining artifacts are the wooden walls, the benches and one menu staple: the reuben.

Stormy's Raises Money for Good Cause

December 20, 2011


On December 18, 2011 over $7,000 was raised and presented to the Tracy Dort-Kyne fund by Stormy's Tavern and Grille in Northfield. Tracy Dort-Kyne is a family member of Darren Pang (ex-Blackhawk player and current NHL announcer) who experienced a serious accident. Tracy sustained a permanent neck injury while training for a bicycle competition, rendering her a quadriplegic.

Stormy's Tavern and Grille, friend of Darren Pang, provided prizes such as a signed Blackhawks Jersey, Blackhawks game tickets and more in efforts to raise the money.

For additional information or those interested in helping, a Trust Fund for Tracy has been set up to support her long-term care and the care of her 3 boys. Visit

Photo from left to right: Mark Lyman and Chad Bidwill of Stormy's Tavern and Grille
Photo from left to right: Mark Lyman and Chad Bidwill of Stormy's Tavern and Grille

September 20, 2011

By Kimberly Fornek


Owning a restaurant is a risky business. But the new owners of a Northfield restaurant are familiar with risk. They also are counting on Seul’s regulars to return to the neighborhood hangout now that it has been refurbished and renamed as Stormy’s Tavern and Grille.

This summer, Daniel Monckton sold Seul’s at 1735 Orchard Lane, to Charles Bidwill III, his son Charles “Chad” Bidwill IV and Seul’s bartender Peter Murray. Click here to continue to complete original article.

July 29, 2011


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